‘Şampanya’ sloganını kullanan biralar Belçika’da imha edildi


“Ale’s Champagne” is equivalent to the American beer brand Miller High Life in the United States, but according to the rules of the European Union, products that violate a protected geographical indication can be considered “fake”. In response to a request from the Champagne Committee, 2,352 cans of Miller High Life beer were destroyed by Belgian customs officials.

The Champagne Committee, a trade organization that advocates for the interests of Champagne producers in the Northeast region, claimed that the use of the “Ale’s Champagne” slogan by Miller High Life infringed on the Champagne geographical indication and called for the destruction of the seized beer to protect the designation.

In a statement on Tuesday, the committee announced that the 2,352 cans of Miller High Life beer seized in Antwerp, Belgium, in February of this year were destroyed in Ypres the day before. The beer was intended for shipment to Germany, and according to reports, the buyer was informed of the destruction of the beer and did not object to the decision.

Molson Coors, which owns many beer brands, including Miller High Life, currently does not supply this brand to the European Union. However, Belgian customs officials have not disclosed who placed the order.

Miller Brewery was founded by Frederick Miller, who emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1850. Miller High Life, the company’s oldest brand, was launched in 1903.

According to the company’s website, the slogan “The Champagne of Beers” was introduced three years after its launch. This slogan was later shortened to “Beers’ Champagne” in 1969.

While Miller High Life is synonymous with the slogan “Beers’ Champagne” in the United States, products that violate a protected geographical indication can be considered “fake” according to European Union rules. The European Union has created a mechanism to protect geographical indications to guarantee the true origin and quality of products while preventing imitations. Belgian customs officials seized the Miller High Life beer as counterfeit goods that violated their regulations.

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