Postcards: Noel’i çölde nasıl kutlarsınız?


Global Village, bringing together the cultures of nearly 100 countries worldwide under one roof, is now hosting Christmas events. Known as one of the world’s largest tourism, entertainment, shopping, and leisure centers, the “global village” provides a Christmas atmosphere in the desert.

Santa Claus parachuted into Global Village to light up the Christmas lights. Meanwhile, festivities are in full swing, from the eight-meter zero-emission LED-lit Christmas tree in Dubai Marina to outdoor film festivals.

Natalie Lindo from Euronews describes the ambiance as follows: “Festival markets, fairs, and events are also very popular. At the El Habtoor City, you can find traditional European-style Christmas markets with food and crafts. Families come to the Winter Garden to experience over 100 stands. Here, handmade crafts and foods from over 100 countries around the world are sold.”

A Dubai resident says, “For me, Christmas means Santa Claus, snow, and sleighs. Dubai’s adaptation of this atmosphere to the desert is quite impressive.” You can also have a “white” Christmas in Dubai. Kempinski Hotel’s ski-style mountain houses, human-made caves, and slopes filled with jinn offer a view to remember.

Even if you don’t celebrate the New Year, it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit.

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